About Wholesale KIlts

Our Introduction:

Wholesale Kilts is brand of Named Company Global Fashion is the reputed Manufacturing Company of Scottish and Fashion Products. Here are some of our products listed below:

Wholesale Kilts manufacture the all sort of Kilts Utility, Traditional and Modern Kilts. We have wide range of kilt accessories like Kilt Shirt, Fly Plaids, Kilt Belt and Buckles, Kilt Hose, Scottish Shoes, Kilt Pins, Kilt Broches, All Sort of Sporrans, Sgian Dubh, Bagpipes, Flutes etc. at best Wholesale Prices.

Quality Insurance:

All Products are manufactured from the highest grades of Good Material using state-of-the-art production methods and finished to conform to our meticulous quality control standards. Each Product is manufactured to our rigid quality control standards and is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, or pattern. In the short we must say that We Crate the Quality Product.

Our manufacturing and packing standards meet the international requirements. We do not compromise on the quality of our products. We start the high standard process from the beginning to packed and dispatched.

 We Ship Worldwide:

 EMS Pakistan | DHL Express | FedEx Courier | UPS Courier | DPEX Courier | DPD Courier | Air / Sea Cargo Freight |

 Company Registrations:

 Export Membership (www.scci.com.pk) REG. No: A-34587

Central Board of Revenue (www.fbr.gov.pk ) NTN REG. #: 4237280-1

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