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Cantle and Leaf Kilt Leather Sporran


Made with Cantle and Leave Design.
Semi Dress Kilt Sporran.
Comes with Adjustable Belt and Chain.
Made of Quality and Leather.
Comes with 3 Tassels.
8 inches height x 7 inches width.
Suitable for Modern and Tartan Kilts.

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Buy Cantle and Leaf kilt leather sporran at best wholesale price which is best suitable for traditional kilts. Cantle and Leaf kilt sporran features the Scottish Cantle Design on flap and 3 leaves on front. Cantle and Leaf kilt sporran measures 8 inches height x 7 inches width and adjustable Chain belt included. This sporran is best for day use for games or events as well. This leather fashion sporran will hold the basics need like Wallet, keys, cellphone and even then you have some room to spare in this sporran. Get benefits of best wholesale prices and great quality to buy directly from manufacturer instead of middlemen to save money and time.

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